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Come in today at the top nail Salon in Dallas, TX. We, Aria Nail Bar Mockingbird, have everything to keep you looking and feeling ravishing for that special occasion  you have lined up. Our nail salon goal is to make sure you get THE VIP treatment so you walk out as the best version of yourself. Contact us today and treat yourself to any one of our pampering services!


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Learn About What We Offer

At Aria Nail Bar Mockingbird, we offer the highest quality Nail Salon services in Dallas. Read on to learn all about the amazing services we provide to all of our customers. Swing by our Nail Salon and treat yourself to one of our many VIP treatments! We offer best manicure, best pedicure, organic manicure and organic pedicure in Dallas Mockingbird area.



Aria Ultimate Pedicure          $72 
Jelly Pedicure                       $65
Herbal Pedicure                   $65
Organic Pedicure                 $55
Deluxe Pedicure                  $45
Signature Pedicure             $35
Classic Pedicure                 $25


Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Fullset                                       $30

Acrylic Fill                                             $25

Acrylic French/American Fullset          $35

Solar Pink & White Fullset                   $45

Solar Pink and White Fill                     $40

Solar Color Fullset                               $35

Solar Same Color Refill                       $25

Dipping (Nexgen)                                $35

Dipping with French Tips                    $40

(Price may vary on nail length and shape)



Herbal Manicure                             $45

Deluxe Manicure                             $35

Collagen Manicure                          $25

Classic Manicure                             $15

Classic Gel Manicure                      $35

Classic Gel French Manicure          $40


French       $5

Color Tips $10


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Marilyn Manroe

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From word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews about our nail salon in Dallas, more people in the area are finding their way to Aria Nail Bar Mockingbird! Call us today to schedule an appointment, or stop in and find out more about our Best Organic Manicure and Pedicure Services in Dallas TX.

3024 Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75205


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